DJ B Presents... is a collection of Mixtapes from me DJ B.

Ranging from HipHop - Charts and Afrobeats - Punk Pop!!!

Listen to the mixtapes, enjoy and share!!

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Blessings and Love


Born & raised in London, I grew up surrounded by lots of cultures which groomed me to hear & love many musical genres.

In my teens an amazing man whom I looked up to (R.I.P. Clement) gave me a pair of Gemini belt drive turntables & told me to practise & make it a way of releasing my pent up energy... Since then I have played at all sorts of events from Universities to bars & clubs to special events & parties! Now I have a residency in Bar 32 & Bombshelter Carlisle & I love it! I play Thursday & Saturday Nights.

I play on JMA Radio on Tuesday (7pm-9pm), Wednesday (7pm-9pm) and Thursday (9pm-11pm)

My musical influences come from a wide, varied range of input both as a child growing up in a house of HiLife, Motown, Soul & Funk music mixed with my own tastes in Hiphop, Indie, Garage, RnB etc. My life changed when I heard The Notorious B.I.G’s 1997 Album, Life After Death.

Since that magical day, my love of Hip Hop & RnB has grown & now I play a range of Urban Music in my resident sets.

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I love the energy and vibes that come from Afro Dance!!! If you don’t know what Afro dance is then simply hit play and kick back, give this mix a listen and I’m sure it will leave you feeling energetic and having positive thoughts!!!!

Get involved in some conscious vibes and lyrics as I drop a few jams I’m feeling that give out a message!!!! As always blessings and love 

Hit play and be transformed into the zone where Afro Swing and Afrobeats are all that matters!!!

Volume 2 of me in my element playing the Reggae and Dancehall Riddims to make you vibes and sing along to, so enjoy!

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Blessings and love always 

We’ve been at it again! Check out this mix from myself DJ B and DJ Fiah Don.

Bringing you the best of Lover’s Rock fused with good energy, vibes and all things nice!


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Blessings and love 

Listen to the Cleanliness & Consciousness Reggae Mix by myself DJ B and DJ Fiah Don... it’s always good vibes when we buck up and throw down. With over an hour of Clean and Conscious Reggae hit play and enjoy!!!


Check Fiah Don’s other mixes and his Mixcloud page


Blessings and love always 

Catch me in my element playing the Reggae and Danchalls Riddims to make you vibes and sing along! This is the first of a few volumes so enjoy 

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Blessings and love 

You know what it is! Garage is coming back and DJ B is driving it back into the musical taste of all! Listen to this great mix playing the tunes you love without going too obvious, some real gems are played in this mix!

Join me, turn up the volume and indulge in some great RnB and Hip Hop tunes from our past!

Jump onboard the Reggae Vibes Train and have nothing but good vibes!!!


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